About Us

Our Inspiration

The digital era that we live in now dictates the modern attitude in dressing very particularly. Fashion is growing to be an over-aggressive competition in daily life, which forces everyone to dress up in the idealised version of being stylish instead of being comfortable being who they are.

We suffer from an overdose of repetitive and somewhat made-up fashion trends which unconsciously steer us further away from the touch of personal style.

We aspire to bring back the definition of fashion as a natural outlet self-expression; as something simple that we deal with day by day.

By presenting the fusion of functional and breathable staple line, we want to foster and nurture the relationship between your personality to the articles of clothing that you wear.

We’re not offering glamorous or show-stopping pieces, but at HARU, we want to give the gift of something effortlessly stylish and comfortable that you could never grow bored of.

HARU aims to be the go-to pieces on your wardrobe regardless the day. When you wake up in the morning, you know you don’t need to fuss about what to wear that day, because you have us.

Our Story

Launched in the blossoming spring of 2016, HARU in Japanese translates to ‘born in Spring’ as well as ‘sun’. HARU also has another meaning in Korean, which is ‘one day’ – it represents our vision to be the companion in your life; day by day, every single day.

HARU is a lifestyle brand, defining clarity of vision beyond the borders of fashion and casual daily living. The simplicity and functionality of Japanese aesthetics highly inspire the final brand concept.

We aim to bring back the definition of fashion as a natural outlet of self-expression; as lifestyle at the most personal level.

Our functional and breathable line is a staple in any wardrobe. Live casually with us and you will see that effortless look is so simple, and we are here to stay.